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Author: Kevin Mak

Publication Date: Jun 11 2015

Pages: 55

Report Type: Report, Word

 Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Safety

Automotive Instrument Clusters: Component Integration, Display Panels and Software Drive Developments

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Report Summary:

Instrument clusters are increasingly using flat panel display to implement attractive designs and more functionality.  Auto makers are seeking to project their brand identity through distinctive cluster designs.  At the same time, intensifying competition and consumer electronics developments are requiring more frequent changes to cluster designs.  Cluster designers are thus turning to platform approaches in micro-components and software, in order to implement their customers’ strategies, but limiting the increase in cost and power consumption to the system.  

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
    1. Strategy Analytics Cluster Categorization
      1. Electromechanical Clusters
      2. Hybrid Cluster (Low)
      3. Hybrid Cluster (Mid)
      4. Hybrid Cluster (High)
      5. Solid State Cluster
      6. Head-Up-Display
  3. Growth of Functionality and Display Panels
    1. Advantages of Display Panels
    2. Types of Display Panels
    3. Improving Display Technology
      1. Larger Display Panels
      2. Higher Resolutions
      3. Brighter, Faster and More Colorful
    4. Potential for IGZO Panels
    5. Potential for OLED Panels
      1. OLED Advantages
      2. OLED Disadvantages
    6. Integrated Display Systems
  4. Processing Platforms
    1. Multi-Core Processing
    2. Targeting Volume Demand First
    3. Platforms Serving Premium Clusters
      1. Dynamic Memory
      2. Graphics Engines
      3. Software Support
  5. Other Semiconductor Opportunities
    1. LED
    2. Sound Generator
    3. Interfacing & Connectivity
    4. Power Electronics
    5. Functional Safety & Security
  6. System Demand Forecast
    1. Total Cluster Demand
    2. Electromechanical Cluster Demand
    3. Hybrid Cluster (Low)
    4. Hybrid Cluster (Mid)
    5. Hybrid Cluster (High)
    6. Solid State Cluster
    7. Head-Up-Display
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