Author: Ian Riches

Publication Date: Jan 17 2013

Pages: 173

Report Type: Data Table, Excel

 Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Safety

Automotive Electronics System Demand Forecast 2010 to 2019 Main Data Tables - January 2013 Update

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Report Summary:

This report contains the Main Data Tables for the Automotive Electronics System Demand Forecast in Excel format. Hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrains, advanced safety systems and ongoing vehicle production growth in emerging economies will help drive the market for automotive electronic systems from $189 billion in 2012 to $274 billion by 2017 – a CAAGR of 7.7%. This report details and quantifies this growth out to 2019, highlighting the key systems, regions and vehicle segments that are driving the market.

Table of Contents

    Cover Page
    Key Point Conclusions
    Index Page
    Alternative Scenarios
    World k Units
    World System M$
    World ECU M$
    World System ASPs $
    World ECU ASPs $
    World by Segment
    World Penetration %
    NA k Units
    NA System M$
    NA ECU M$
    NA System ASPs $
    NA ECU ASPs $
    NA by Segment
    NA Penetration %
    Japan k Units
    Japan System M$
    Japan ECU M$
    Japan System ASPs $
    Japan ECU ASPs $
    Japan by Segment
    Japan Penetration %
    Europe k Units
    Europe System M$
    Europe ECU M$
    Europe System ASPs $
    Europe ECU ASPs $
    Europe by Segment
    Europe Penetration %
    Russia k Units
    Russia System M$
    Russia ECU M$
    Russia System ASPs $
    Russia ECU ASPs $
    Russia by Segment
    Russia Penetration %
    South Korea k Units
    South Korea System M$
    South Korea ECU M$
    South Korea System ASPs $
    South Korea ECU ASPs $
    South Korea by Segment
    South Korea Penetration %
    China k Units
    China System M$
    China ECU M$
    China System ASPs $
    China ECU ASPs $
    China by Segment
    China Penetration %
    India k Units
    India System M$
    India ECU M$
    India System ASPs $
    India ECU ASPs $
    India by Segment
    India Penetration %
    Brazil k Units
    Brazil System M$
    Brazil ECU M$
    Brazil System ASPs $
    Brazil ECU ASPs $
    Brazil by Segment
    Brazil Penetration %
    Thailand k Units
    Thailand System M$
    Thailand ECU M$
    Thailand System ASPs $
    Thailand ECU ASPs $
    Thailand by Segment
    Thailand Penetration %
    ROW k Units
    ROW System M$
    ROW ECU M$
    ROW System ASPs $
    ROW ECU ASPs $
    ROW by Segment
    ROW Penetration %
    Vehicle Production
    Segment Examples
    System Definitions

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