Author: Ian Riches

Publication Date: Jan 04 2012

Pages: 327

Report Type: Data Table, Excel

 Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Safety

Automotive Electronics System Demand Forecast 2009 to 2018 Main Data Tables - January 2012 Update

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Report Summary:

This report contains an update of the Main Data Tables for the Automotive Electronics System Demand Forecast in Excel format. A more pessimistic outlook for vehicle production, especially in Europe, Japan and India has cut back the forecast growth in automotive electronic system demand. The market is now expected to reach $187.1 billion in 2012, around 1.8% down on the previous forecast. Longer-term, the outlook is also down, with the 2018 forecast reduced by 0.5% to $287.6 billion. Thailand is a new detailed geographical coverage area in this report.

Table of Contents

    Cover Page
    Key Point Conclusions
    Index Page
    Alternative Scenarios
    World k Units
    World System M$
    World ECU M$
    World System ASPs
    World ECU ASPs
    World By Segment
    World Vehicle Prod.
    NA k Units
    NA Penetration
    NA System M$
    NA ECU M$
    NA System ASPs
    NA By Segment
    NA Vehicle Prod.
    Japan k Units
    Japan Penetration
    Japan System M$
    Japan ECU M$
    Japan System ASPs
    Japan ECU ASPs
    Japan By Segment
    Japan Vehicle Prod.
    Europe k Units
    Europe Penetration
    Europe System M$
    Europe ECU M$
    Europe System ASPs
    Europe ECU ASPs
    Europe By Segment
    Europe Vehicle Prod.
    Russia k Units
    Russia Penetration
    Russia System M$
    Russia ECU M$
    Russia System ASPs
    Russia ECU ASPs
    Russia By Segment
    Russia Vehicle Prod.
    S. Korea k Units
    S. Korea Penetration
    S. Korea System M$
    S. Korea ECU M$
    S. Korea System ASPs
    S. Korea ECU ASPs
    S. Korea By Segment
    S. Korea Vehicle Prod.
    China k Units
    China Penetration
    China System M$
    China ECU M$
    China System ASPs
    China ECU ASPs
    China By Segment
    China Vehicle Prod.
    India k Units
    India Penetration
    India System M$
    India ECU M$
    India System ASPs
    India ECU ASPs
    India By Segment
    India Vehicle Prod.
    Brazil k Units
    Brazil Penetration
    Brazil System M$
    Brazil ECU M$
    Brazil System ASPs
    Brazil ECU ASPs
    Brazil By Segment
    Brazil Vehicle Prod.
    Thailand k Units
    Thailand Penetration
    Thailand System M$
    Thailand ECU M$
    Thailand System ASPs
    Thailand ECU ASPs
    Thailand By Segment
    Thailand Vehicle Prod.
    RoW k Units
    RoW Penetration
    RoW System M$
    RoW ECU M$
    RoW System ASPs
    RoW ECU ASPs
    RoW By Segment
    RoW Vehicle Prod.
    Vehicle Production
    System Definitions
    Segment Examples

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