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Automotive Consumer Wireless Applications Spread Beyond Infotainment

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Report Summary:

Consumer wireless communication technologies are commonplace in our everyday lives.   However, to date the automotive use of these technologies has been largely limited to the vehicle infotainment system.  That is now starting to change, with the use of consumer wireless technologies for applications such as entry systems, as well as the concept of replacing wire harnesses with wireless technologies to lower complexity and weight in the vehicle.  This report analyses the market potential for such non infotainment-centric applications and the challenges that they may face.
Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Entry and Smartphone Pairing Systems
    1. Current Systems
      1. Lack of Functionality
      2. Security
    2. Near Field Communication
      1. Implementation
    3. Bluetooth
      1. Implementation
      2. Semiconductors
    4. Impulse Radio-Ultra Wide Band
      1. Implementation
    5. Cellular Phone Technologies
      1. Non-Infotainment Cellular Implementation
  4. Over-The-Air Software Updates
  5. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
  6. Harness Replacement
  7. Battery Monitoring Systems
  8. Other Applications
    1. Wireless Camera
    2. Wireless Microphone
  9. Forecast
    1. Near Field Communication Entry Systems
    2. E-Call Deployment
    3. Comments on Other Technologies
      1. Non-infotainment Bluetooth Usage
      2. Impulse Radio-Ultra Wide Band
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