Author: Greg Basich

Publication Date: Jan 12 2017

Pages: 27

Report Type: Report, Word

 Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Safety

CES 2017: Automotive OEMs Reimagining the Vehicle Cabin as Industry Focuses on Autonomy & Shared Vehicle

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Report Summary:

This year’s CES showed automakers’ vision for an automotive future that’s drastically different from the past. Although automakers showed a variety of infotainment and connectivity technologies and concepts at this year’s event, a few major themes did emerge, specifically concepts showing OEMs’ visions for the cockpit in a world where autonomous driving is commonplace, artificial intelligence, and broader integration with devices and systems outside the vehicle.

This report details the announcements made by automakers at this year’s CES.

Table of Contents

1.     Executive Summary
2.     Automaker Announcements
 2.1     Baidu Intelligent Vehicle
 2.2     BMW
  2.2.1     Connectivity
  2.2.2     HMI Technologies
 2.3     Daimler
  2.3.1     Connectivity
  2.3.2     Car Sharing
 2.4     Faraday Future
 2.5     Fiat Chrysler Automotive
  2.5.1     Portal Concept
  2.5.2     Android Nougat Concept Uconnect Infotainment System
  2.5.3     MOPAR Owner’s App
 2.6     Ford Motor Co.
  2.6.1     SmartDeviceLink Consortium
  2.6.2     Connectivity
  2.6.3     Apps
 2.7     Honda
  2.7.1     NeuV Concept Vehicle
  2.7.2     Connectivity and Startups
 2.8     Hyundai
  2.8.1     Connectivity
  2.8.2     Mobility Vision Concept
 2.9     LeEco
 2.10     Nissan

  2.10.1 Cloud Connectivity
  2.10.2 Audio Technology
 2.11     Toyota
  2.11.1 Concept i
  2.11.2 Entune 3.0
 2.12     Volkswagen
  2.12.1 Connectivity
  2.12.2 Digital 3D Concept
 2.13     Volvo
3.     Conclusions

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