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Autonomous Emergency Braking: Future NCAP Requirements Steer AEB Towards Autonomy

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Report Summary:

Automated braking was originally a feature of Adaptive Cruise Control, when it was launched on the 1999 Mercedes-Benz S-Class.  Today, AEB is becoming a standard feature on many models across the automotive sectors and model segments in an effort to reduce collisions and enhance safety.  This report looks at the development of AEB and where it is heading, in terms of the types of sensors deployed and the added capability required to meet the evolving requirements of New Car Assessment Programs and other automotive safety organizations.

Note: Clients of the Autonomous Vehicles Service can access a more detailed version of this forecast by downloading the AVS version of this report which has been published here.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
    1. Combating Driver Distraction
    2. Promoting AEB
  3. Early Development of AEB
    1. Adaptive Cruise Control Origin
    2. Early AEB Systems
    3. NCAP Requirements Tighten
  4. Pedestrian Recognition Boosts Cameras
  5. Sensor Fusion
    1. Reliable Performance
    2. Reducing False Positives & False Negatives
    3. ADAS ECUs
    4. Standard AEB, Optional ACC
    5. Front Corner Alert
  6. Related Applications
    1. Pre-Crash Safety
    2. Rear Cross Traffic Alert
    3. Pedal Misapplication in Parking Maneuvers
    4. Evasive Steering
    5. V2X Communication
  7. Stereo and TriFocal Cameras
    1. Stereo Cameras
    2. TriFocal Cameras
  8. Processing Requirements
    1. Processing Devices
    2. Memory Devices
    3. Vendor Ecosystem
  9. Potential Enablers
    1. In-Vehicle Networking
    2. Night Vision
  10. System Demand Forecast
  11. Sensor Demand Forecast
    1. North America
    2. Japan
    3. Europe
    4. South Korea
    5. China
  12. Semiconductor Demand Forecast
  13. How Can We Help You?

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