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Author: Ian Riches
Publication Date: Nov 02 2022
Pages: 26
Report Type: Report, PowerPoint

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Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Safety

2022 Automotive Software Survey

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Report Summary:

The third annual Automotive Software Survey highlights an industry that is showing signs of real maturity when it comes to dealing with OTA, but which is becoming arguably less confident in automakers’ abilities to meet the challenges of the software-defined vehicle through their own efforts alone.  Almost half of respondents were not just open, but would actually prefer to use some form of new business model to pay for their optional vehicle functionality. For what is a new initiative in automotive, that can be seen as an encouraging start.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Results
    1. Do you currently own / plan to own an electric car?
    2. Who in the automotive ecosystem has the most influence over technology development, adoption and acceptance?
    3. As a consumer, how would you prefer to pay for optional vehicle functionality?
    4. What’s the maximum monthly payment that you would be happy to pay for all services?
    5. As an automotive professional, what percentage of revenue do you forecast automakers will derive from the selling of new features and functions over-the-air in model year 2027?
    6. How many OTA updates do you expect will be performed per vehicle, per year, by 2025?
    7. As a consumer, how long are you prepared to be without vehicle functionality during an OTA update?
    8. As an automotive professional, in your opinion, what is most important for vehicle manufacturers with regard to OTA updates?
    9. Do you believe that software redundancy is possible with software alone, or are double flash and CPUs still required?
    10. After consumers opt-in to receive over-the-air updates in general, should every update be transparent in the background? Or should manufacturers continue to request that consumers opt-in for individual updates?
    11. Software updates are creating a challenge for regulation and type approval (WP.29). Are current processes sufficient?
    12. How confident are you that the mass market auto manufacturers will have the required software development skills in-house by 2025 to develop advanced E/E architectures?
    13. What percentage of vehicle software will be developed in-house by the mass market auto manufacturers in 2025?
    14. When do you expect more than one million vehicles per year, across the globe,
      to be produced with powerful domain controller-based E/E architectures?
    15. As an automotive professional, how difficult is it to get a clear understanding
      of the interdependencies between ECUs during the development, integration and quality control processes?
    16. As an automotive professional, will there be a paradigm shift in the industry to embrace QA as a continuous process throughout the life of the vehicle (Tesla-style)?
    17. As an automotive professional, with the growing amount of vehicle software, is it getting more difficult to debug software errors after the vehicle has shipped from the factory?
    18. As an automotive professional, how important is it to be able to predict, rather than react to, software anomalies to minimize recalls once the car has shipped?

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