Infotainment and TelematicsInfotainment and Telematics

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Author: Ed Sanchez
Publication Date: Oct 12 2020
Pages: 26
Report Type: Report, Word
Infotainment and Telematics

In-Car Wireless Charging – Q4 2020: Qi Moves from Niche to Mainstream

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Report Summary:

A combination of developments and announcements in the wireless charging space have put Qi on the trajectory to being in an increasing number of models in the years ahead, and multiple per-vehicle implementations in upcoming premium models.  

Table of Contents

1.    Executive Summary
2.    Market Overview

 2.1    Wireless Charging Forecast
  2.1.1    Technological Complement of Wi-Fi and Wireless Charging in Smartphone Projection/Integration
 2.2    Revenue Opportunity
3.    Qi Wireless Charging Background
 3.1    Qi Standard
 3.2    New Vehicle Models Offering Qi
 3.3    Current Production Models Offering Qi
 3.4    Single vs. Multi-Coil Chargers
 3.5    Rear-Seat Applications
4.    Vendor Update
 4.1    NXP MWCT2xx3A
 4.2    ROHM Charging Solution with STMicro NFC
 4.3    Renesas/IDT
  4.3.1    Renesas/Panthronics Collaboration
  4.3.2    Renesas/IDT P9261
 4.4    Free Placement Charging
  4.4.1    Aira
  4.4.2    NuCurrent
  4.4.3    Spark Connected “The Beast”
5.    Alternative Charging Technologies and Applications
 5.1    NFC WLC
  5.1.1    NuCurrent NuEva WLC Development Platform
 5.2    Radio Frequency (RF) Charging
  5.2.1    GuRu Wireless
  5.2.2    Pi Charging/Spansive Strategy Shift
6.    Conclusions
7.    How Can We Help You?

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