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Author: Roger Lanctot

Publication Date: Aug 12 2010

Pages: 15

Report Type: Report, Word

 Infotainment and Telematics

Google Nokia and New Entrant Positioning in Automotive Infotainment

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Report Summary:

Google, Nokia, RIM, Microsoft and Apple are increasingly competitive in wireless markets and each has differing regional levels of market share and brand equity. The increasing market push by these companies into the automotive market has significant implications for traditional suppliers. The new entrant push into automotive is driven by the battle for consumer spend while in the vehicle and the automotive opportunities within the context of an emerging location based services market. This Viewpoint report summarizes Strategy Analytics’ recent reports that cover the changing competitive dynamics in automotive infotainment, and also supports the 2nd Telematics Japan 2010 Conference - Tokyo 13-14 Oct.

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