Author: Ed Sanchez

Co Author: Greg Basich

Publication Date: Dec 06 2018

Pages: 22

Report Type: Report, Word

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 Infotainment and Telematics

Automobility LA and LA Auto Show 2018

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Report Summary:

The LA Auto Show and its pre-vehicle debut conference, Automobility LA, which covers emerging automotive technologies, focused on a number of core themes, most of them outside of the domain of infotainment but all of which will have an impact on infotainment over the long term. This report covers select keynote speeches, panel discussions, and a number of vehicle debuts that featured updated infotainment systems and capabilities.

Table of Contents

1.    Executive Summary
2.    Keynote Presentations and Panel Discussions

 2.1    Amazon’s Progress With Alexa
 2.2    Honda V2X Technologies
 2.3    Blockchain Applications Panel Discussion
3.    LA Auto Show OEM Announcements Roundup
 3.1    Audi
  3.1.1    e-tron
 3.2    Byton
 3.3    FCA
 3.4    Lincoln
 3.5    Honda
 3.6    Hyundai
 3.7    Kia
 3.8    Land Rover
 3.9    Mazda
 3.10    Mercedes-Benz
 3.11    Porsche
 3.12    Rivian
 3.13    Toyota
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