Author: Richard Robinson

Publication Date: Oct 13 2017

Pages: 39

Report Type: Report, Word

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 Infotainment and Telematics

Automotive Infotainment & Telematics - Semiconductor Q4 2017 - Market Overview

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics’ Automotive Infotainment & Telematics Q4 2017 Semiconductor Market View Report provides a forecast outlook for OEM and Aftermarket hardware and applications from 2016 through 2024. 

The rise in global vehicle production and increasing requirement for communications and Telematics will see revenues from Infotainment chipsets for OEM and Aftermarket increase from $6.7 Billion in 2016 to $10.3 Billion in 2024.

Table of Contents

1.    Executive Summary
 1.1    Forecast Position Q3 2017 (After BREXIT)
 1.2    OEM & Aftermarket: Global Semiconductor View
2.    Automotive Market Overview
 2.1    Global Vehicle Production
 2.2    Global Vehicle Sales
 2.3    Production vs. Sales
3.    Semiconductor Market View
 3.1    OEM & Aftermarket Revenue Forecast by Semiconductor Type
 3.2    OEM Key Semiconductor Revenue Generators
4.    OEM Semiconductor Revenue Overview
 4.1    OEM Application Specific Semiconductor Revenue Overview (ASSIC/ASSP/PLD)
 4.2    OEM Application Specific Semiconductor: Audio Media and Navigation
 4.3    OEM Application Specific Semiconductors: Telematics
 4.4    OEM Application Specific Semiconductor: Audio Amplifiers
 4.5    OEM Application Specific Semiconductors: Radio
 4.6    OEM Application Specific Semiconductors: Connectivity
5.    Microcontroller Revenue Forecast
 5.1    OEM and Aftermarket Microcontroller Revenue Forecast
 5.2    Microcontroller Revenue Forecast: OEM
6.    Semiconductors in Specific Infotainment Systems/ECU’s
 6.1    OEM Application Specific Semiconductors: OEM Headunits
 6.2    OEM Application Specific Semiconductors: CE Device Connectivity ECU’s (e.g. SYNC Gen 1&2)
 6.3    OEM Application Specific Semiconductors: OEM Telematics ECU’s
 6.4    OEM Application Specific Semiconductors: Portable Navigation Devices (PND’s)
7.    Infotainment Semiconductor Market Share Analysis
8.    Conclusions

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