Infotainment and TelematicsInfotainment and Telematics

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Author: Ian Riches
Publication Date: Nov 08 2023
Pages: 26
Report Type: Report, Word

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Infotainment and Telematics

2023 Automotive Software Survey

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Report Summary:

The fourth annual Automotive Software Survey paints an overall picture of a multi-lane industry. Some organizations do seem to be in the “fast” lane – and are starting to deliver on software projects. Others are perhaps still trundling along in the “slow” lane. The research also highlighted noticeable differences between EV owners and non-EV owners.  Those who own EVs are more likely to have experienced OTA updates and are more willing to pay for optional features as downloads.  

This report analyses the results of the 20 questions that were asked to respondents from organizations including as ARM, CARIAD, Continental, Denso, Hyundai, LG, MediaTek, Nexteer, Porsche, Renesas, Samsung, Stellantis, STMicro, Synopsis, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Q1 - Where do you think AI will have the most influence in the automotive industry?
  • Q2 - Do you currently own / plan to own an electric car?
  • Q3 - Do you / would you own a Chinese-branded electric vehicle?
  • Q4 - As a user, would you like to see vehicle functionality (e.g. HVAC, BEV battery status, etc.) available via Android Auto/Apple Car Play?
  • Q5 - As a consumer, how would you prefer to pay for optional vehicle functionality?
  • Q6 - What's the maximum monthly payment that you would be happy to pay for all services?
  • Q7 - As an automotive professional, what percentage of revenue do you forecast that automakers will derive from the selling of new features and functions over-the-air in model year 2027?
  • Q8 - Has your car performed an OTA update in the last 12 months?
  • Q9 - How many OTA updates do you expect will be performed per vehicle, per year, by 2025?
  • Q10 - As a consumer, how long are you prepared to be without vehicle functionality during an OTA update?
  • Q11 - After consumers opt-in to receive over-the-air updates, should every update be installed transparently, in the background, or should manufacturers continue to request that consumers opt-in for individual updates?
  • Q12 - Software updates are creating a challenge for regulation and type approval (WP.29). Are current processes sufficient?
  • Q13 - How confident are you that major auto manufacturers will have the required software development skills in-house by 2027 to develop advanced E/E architectures?
  • Q14 - What percentage of vehicle software will be developed in-house by the major auto manufacturers in 2027?
  • Q15 - As an automotive professional, how difficult is it to maintain traceability and consistency (ASPICE) during development, testing, integration and quality control?
  • Q16 - As an automotive professional, how difficult is it to efficiently maintain 100% test coverage?
  • Q17 - As an automotive professional, will there be a paradigm shift in the industry to embrace QA as a continuous process throughout the life of the vehicle (Tesla-style)?
  • Q18 - As an automotive professional, with the growing amount of vehicle software, is it getting more difficult to debug software errors after the vehicle has shipped from the factory?
  • Q19 - As an automotive professional, how important is it to be able to predict, rather than react to, software anomalies to minimize recalls once the car has shipped?
  • Q20 - And finally, ChatGPT also wants to ask you a question! Which aspect of automotive software development do you find most challenging?

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