Author: Paul Brown

Co Authors: Diane O'Neill, Christopher Dodge, Derek Viita

Publication Date: Dec 18 2015

Pages: 11

Report Type: Report, Word

 In-Vehicle UX

UX Innovation Trends for 2016

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Report Summary:

2015 was the year in which we saw the rollout of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; Samsung introduced curved displays to a blockbuster flagship device; context awareness improved the mobile music experience; and smart home deployments began to accelerate. ‘Internet of Things’ or IoT was one of the buzz phases in 2015, but it will be in 2016, with a proliferation of consumer IoT products entering the market, that the real impact on the user experience will become critical to mass market adoption.  This report examines the extent to which each of our 2015 UX innovation predictions were realized, and sets out our expectations for significant developments in the year ahead.

Table of Contents

  • 2015: Prediction Review
  • UX Predictions for 2016
  • Implications

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