In-Vehicle UX

User Experience Evaluation: ReachNow Ride from BMW

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics conducted a UX evaluation of ReachNow Ride from BMW.  This off-shoot of the ReachNow car-sharing service is a compelling way of reaching potential new customers (including car-buyers).  It also presents a new model for OEMs to collect transport data on journeys which are not well-served by car-sharing.  However, any mobility service must take great care in aspects of UX which are keys when a user chooses a transport method.  While ReachNow Ride addresses many of these aspects quite well, one top factor remains questionable.

Table of Contents

1.  Executive Summary

2.  Introduction and Methodology
     2.1  Methodology

3.  Hailing or Reserving Transportation

4.  In-Vehicle Experience

5.  Ending a Journey

6.  Conclusions

7.  Analyst Contacts

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