Author: Derek Viita

Publication Date: Sep 23 2015

Pages: 13

Report Type: Benchmark

 In-Vehicle UX

User Experience Evaluation: MirrorLink in 2015 Volkswagen Passat

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics conducted an expert evaluation of the 2015 Volkswagen Passat with focus on the operability of the MirrorLink feature using a Sony smartphone.  Connecting a compatible phone to the on-board system proved to be extremely difficult, and would be a barrier to entry for most users.  While a variety of useful features are offered, pervasive instances of poor interface designs make practical use difficult.  Inappropriately small text, touch targets, and inter-target spacing are common throughout the experience.  

Table of Contents

1.  Executive Summary
2.  Introduction
3.  MirrorLink Evaluation
     3.1  Pairing
     3.2  Apps and Usability
4.  Conclusions
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