In-Vehicle UX

User Experience Benchmark: Qoros Cloud

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics conducted a user evaluation of the Qoros Cloud in-vehicle infotainment system in China. Overall, participants exhibited a preference for an icon based interface over the text-heavy Qoros system. Though participants were attracted by the remote vehicle monitoring capabilities enabled by the Qoros smartphone app, participants considered the system to be complex to use due to some basic usability issues in the phone and navigation features, as well as with text entry.

Table of Contents

     3.1     Initial Impression  6

     3.2     Touch Gestures  7

     3.3     Text Input 9

     3.4     Qoros Cloud Smartphone App  10

     4.1     Pairing a Smartphone  12

     4.2     Dial a Number 13

     4.3     Call a Contact 14

     5.1     Radio  16

     5.2     Bluetooth Music  17

     5.3     USB Music  18

     6.1     Planning Route on Smartphone  22

     6.2     Pick Up a WeChat Friend  23

9.         Appendix: Participant Profile  27

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