Author: Monica Wong

Publication Date: Nov 22 2017

Pages: 22

Report Type: Buyer Analysis

 In-Vehicle UX

Interest in Autonomous Driving Features Rebounds in 2017

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics’ In-Vehicle UX Service conducted research on interest towards advanced driver’s assistance systems (ADAS) in the US, Western Europe and China. Blind spot detection and collision avoidance system remain the top ADAS features in these regions in terms of consumer interest. Interest in fully autonomous driving has risen in all regions since 2016, although many consumers are still extremely wary of self-driving features.

Table of Contents

1.  Executive Summary

2.  Introduction & Methodology
     2.1  Introduction
     2.2  Methodology

3.  Consumer Interest in ADAS
     3.1  US
     3.2  Western Europe
     3.3  China

4.  Conclusion

5.  Contact

6.  Appendix

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