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In-Vehicle Infotainment UX Benchmark Ratings Update: 2017 Chevrolet Volt is Highest Rated New System

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics developed a quantitative algorithm to score infotainment systems, based on survey data and live consumer data regarding design impressions, ease of use, learnability, HMI, and system features. This report reviews that algorithm, and updates the rankings with new systems we have benchmarked.  According to this algorithm, the Tesla Model S remains the top rated infotainment system benchmarked thus far.  The 2017 Chevrolet Volt with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is the highest-rated new system.

Table of Contents

1.  Executive Summary

2.  Introduction

3.  Rating Algorithm Overview
     3.1  Features
     3.2  Design Impressions
     3.3  Ease of Use
     3.4  Learnability
     3.5  HMI
     3.6  Expert Evaluations

4.  Overall Ratings

5.  Summary of New Infotainment Systems

6.  Conclusions

7.  Analyst Contacts

8.  Appendix:  IVX Infotainment Benchmark Reports

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