In-Vehicle UX

Consumers Want Familiar Voice Assistants in Their Car, Not Automaker-Branded Ones

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics surveyed vehicle owners in the US, Western Europe, and China regarding their interest in voice-based digital assistants for their car.  Consumer interest is widespread for popular voice assistants currently used on mobile and home-based devices.  The strongest levels of interest appear to be specific to mobile or home-based brands, as interest is far more tepid for automaker-branded voice assistants.

Table of Contents

1.  Executive Summary

2.  Introduction and Methodology
     2.1  Introduction
     2.2  Methodology

3.  US

4.  Western Europe

5.  China

6.  Insights

7.  Analyst Contacts

8.  Appendix A:  Respondent Profile

9.  Appendix B:  Survey Questions

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