In-Vehicle UX

Consumers Show Little Appetite for In-Car Shopping or Payment

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics surveyed car owners in the US, Western Europe, and China regarding interest in specific uses for on-board shopping or payment portals.  Consumer appetite for the on-board shopping concept does exist, especially for car-specific scenarios such as payment of parking fees or roadway tolls.  But most of this interest is confined to very narrow demographic segments in all regions.  And interest in certain scenarios currently being pushed by automakers in on-market shopping apps is almost non-existent.  Recommendations for product planning and design in future on-board commerce are discussed.

Table of Contents

1.  Executive Summary

2.  Introduction and Methodology
     2.1  Introduction
     2.2  Methodology

3.  Consumer Appetite for In-Car Marketplaces
     3.1  US
     3.2  Western Europe
     3.3  China

4.  Insights

5.  Is There Any Future for In-Car Shopping and Payment?

6.  Appendix A:  Respondent Profiles

7.  Appendix B:  Survey Questions

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