Author: Derek Viita

Publication Date: Aug 24 2015

Pages: 35

Report Type: Report, Word

 In-Vehicle UX

Consumer Usage of Mobile Navigation Apps Rising Sharply

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Report Summary:

This report presents results from Strategy Analytics’ survey investigating consumer usage of, and satisfaction with, embedded navigation, portable navigation devices, and smartphone-based navigation apps. Route guidance and point of interest navigation features are most used on embedded systems in most regions.  Satisfaction is high across all devices for most tasks, though POI-related tasks require improvement.  Usage and satisfaction related to mobile navigation apps has increased sharply, which has implications for the future of embedded systems.

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction and Methodology
     2.1     Introduction
     2.2     Methodology

3.       Usage of Navigation Systems
     3.1     Embedded
          3.1.1       U.S.
          3.1.2       Western Europe
          3.1.3       China
     3.2     PNDs
          3.2.1       U.S.
          3.2.2       Western Europe
          3.2.3       China
     3.3     Mobile Navigation Apps
          3.3.1       U.S.
          3.3.2       Western Europe
          3.3.3       China
          3.3.4       Historical comparison
     3.4     Feature Usage by Device

4.       Satisfaction with Navigation Systems
     4.1     Embedded
          4.1.1       US
          4.1.2       Western Europe
          4.1.3       China
     4.2     PNDs
          4.2.1       US
          4.2.2       Western Europe
          4.2.3       China
     4.3     Mobile Navigation Apps
          4.3.1       US
          4.3.2       Western Europe
          4.3.3       China
          4.3.4       Historical comparison

5.       Conclusions

6.       Contact the author of this report:

7.         Appendix:  Respondent Profile

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