Author: Chris Schreiner

Publication Date: Sep 16 2015

Pages: 26

Report Type: Buyer Analysis

 In-Vehicle UX

Consumer Preferences for Vehicle Health Reports, Diagnostic Messages, and Service Reminders

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics surveyed consumers in the US, Western Europe, and China regarding their interest and preferences for sharing vehicle fault messages, receiving service and maintenance reminders, and receiving vehicle health reports. Consumers showed moderate to strong interest in these services and wanted to access these services from mobile devices. Consumers also showed a willingness to share vehicle fault information directly with their dealer.

Table of Contents

     2.1     Introduction  6

     2.2     Methodology  6

     3.1     US  8

     3.2     Western Europe  9

     3.3     China  10

     5.1     Consumer Interest 13

          5.1.1       US  13

          5.1.2       Western Europe  14

          5.1.3       China  14

     5.2     Preferences for Vehicle Health Information  15

          5.2.1       US  16

          5.2.2       Western Europe  17

          5.2.3       China  18

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