Author: Diane O'Neill

Publication Date: Sep 11 2018

Pages: 32

Report Type: Buyer Analysis

 In-Vehicle UX

Consumer Appetite for Apple CarPlay as a “Must-Have” Feature Increases More Than Android Auto

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics surveyed consumers in the US, Western Europe and China regarding smartphone mirroring systems for the car. These included Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Baidu CarLife. Specific topics included interest in access to such systems and willingness to pay for them. Overall interest in these systems is growing stronger; in particular interest in CarPlay as a “must-have” feature in a next vehicle purchase is increasing most. Moreover, all reasonable price points are in play. This increase in demand and willingness to accept mirroring systems as an additional cost must serve as a warning to OEMs wanting to maintain control of the infotainment experience.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

2. Introduction and Methodology
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Methodology

3. Consumer Interest in Smartphone Mirroring
3.1 US
3.2 Western Europe
3.3 China

4. Willingness to Pay for Smartphone Mirroring
4.1 US
4.2 Western Europe (excluding UK)
4.3 China

5. Conclusions

6. Analyst Contacts

7. Appendix A: Respondent Profiles

8. Appendix B: Survey Questions

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