In-Vehicle UX

CES 2018: Voice Assistants Invade, Autonomous Concepts Roll Out

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Report Summary:

This report summarizes technological advances affecting the automotive user experience which were introduced at the 2018 edition of CES.  Intelligent voice assistants dominated.  In future cockpit concepts, mobile-developed features from Amazon and Google appear to be winning out for almost all use cases.  This is an alarming development with direct and immediate implications for all automotive voice control suppliers.  User experience related advances in display design, cockpit controls, autonomous systems, and future mobility services also featured prominently at this year’s CES.

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction

2.  Voice Assistants

3.  Non-voice HMI

4.  New Mobility UX and Level 5 Autonomous Concepts

5.  Other Autonomous UX

6.  Other Developments

7.  Concluding Insights

8.  Analyst Contacts

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