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Car Companion App Sentiment: 'App Response' Key Driver of Dissatisfaction

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Report Summary:

Consumer Sentiment Analytics has examined more than nearly 2,500 ratings and reviews covering seven automotive OEM companion apps. The data has identified that FordPass leads in consumer satisfaction during the latest version of these apps. This app received an average user rating of 3.58 out of 5 stars.

Table of Contents

Slide 4- Introduction & Methodology
Slide 5- Key Questions
Slide 6- Consumer Ratings Index
Slide 7- Ratings Distribution
Slide 8- App Review Analysis: Ford
Slide 9- App Review Analysis: Hyundai
Slide 10- App Review Analysis: Chevrolet
Slide 11- App Review Analysis: Honda
Slide 12- App Review Analysis: Uconnect
Slide 13- App Review Analysis: Nissan
Slide 14- App Review Analysis: Toyota
Slide 15- Key Findings
Slide 16- Insights
Slide 17- Key Questions for Automaker-Branded App Developers
Slide 18- CSA Contacts

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