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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics has conducted benchmarks and reviews of several autonomous driving and parking systems.  From this, SA’s In-Vehicle UX service has derived a rating for autonomous systems, based on a quantitative algorithm which utilizes several key factors of each system.  This report describes the algorithm, and directly compares, contrasts, and ranks the autonomous systems we have studied based on their ratings.  The autonomous parking feature in the 2015 BMW i3 scored highest in our rankings, followed by the Autopilot semi-autonomous driving feature in the Tesla Model S.

Table of Contents

1.  Executive Summary

2.  Introduction

3.  Rating Algorithm
     3.1  Discoverability
     3.2  Ease of handover and takeover
     3.3  System status clarity
     3.4  Usefulness
     3.5  Accuracy of algorithm
     3.6  Natural feeling of movements
     3.7  Calculation of total rating: Modifiers

4.  Ratings

5.  Review of Autonomous Systems

6.  Conclusions

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