In-Vehicle UX

2018 Privacy Report: Consumers Hesitant to Share In-Car Data for Any Purpose

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics surveyed consumers in the US, Western Europe, and China regarding willingness to share their car-related data for a variety of use cases.  Consumers worldwide are largely unwilling to share their driving patterns or in-car habits for any purpose, though a few are more willing to make an exception for one specific use.  In a post-GDPR landscape, automakers and suppliers must be mindful of differentiating between "big data" and "smart data."

Table of Contents

1.  Executive Summary

2.  Introduction and Methodology
     2.1  Introduction
     2.2  Methodology

3.  Consumer Interest in Sharing Private Data
     3.1  US
     3.2  Western Europe
     3.3  China

4.  Insights

5.  Big Data versus Smart Data, and Other Privacy-Related Questions

6.  Appendix A:  Respondent Profiles

7.  Appendix B:  Survey Questions

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