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User Experience Evaluation: Waive

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics conducted a user experience evaluation of Waive (formerly WaiveCar), a car-sharing service using a fleet of Chevrolet Sparks and Hyundai Ioniqs.  Waive’s unique advertising-subsidized model, which provides 2 hours of free rental time, has garnered a great deal of attention from investors and media alike.  But despite the hype, hard realities persist.  Short-term car-sharing is ideal for only a few transport use cases, and Waive must make several changes to optimize for these.

Table of Contents

1.  Executive Summary

2.  Introduction and Methodology
     2.1  Methodology

3.  Registration and Cost Structures

4.  Finding and Reserving a Vehicle

5.  Accessing the Vehicle

6.  End-of-Journey UX

7.  Concluding Insights

8.  Analyst Contacts

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