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Processors for Autonomous Driving Platforms: Powering Artificial Intelligence

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Report Summary:

This report examines the application drivers and competitive environment of processors used for advanced driver assist (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) applications. The focus of this report is on the central processing units for levels of autonomy where a vehicle will have control of driving functions, namely SAE autonomy levels 3 through 5.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Trends Driving ADAS & AD Processor Requirements
    1. Security and Functional Safety
    2. Automation Level
    3. ECU Form Factor
    4. Architecture
      1. Hardware
      2. Software
    5. Memory Interfacing
    6. Power Consumption
  3. Functional Safety for Automotive Processors
    1. ISO26262, SOTIF and AUTOSAR
    2. ADAS vs. AV Systems
  4. Machine Learning and AI Processors for Autonomous Driving
    1. Machine Learning Algorithms, a Brief Introduction
      1. Artificial Neural Networks
      2. Deep Learning
      3. Supervised Learning
      4. Reinforcement Learning
      5. Unsupervised Learning
    2. Machine Learning Processors and Accelerators
  5. Companies Specializing in Processors and Processor IP for Automotive Applications
      1. aiWare and Automotive IP and Standards
      2. aiWare SDK Enabling a Wide Range of NN Frameworks
      3. Partners
    2. Alibaba/PingTouGe Semiconductor/T-Head
      1. Xuantie 910
      2. Hanguang 800 NPU
    3. Ambarella
      1. Ambarella’s Family of Vision Processors
    4. Analog Devices
      1. Solutions from Analog Devices
    5. Arm
      1. Cortex-A
      2. Partnerships
    6. Baidu
    7. Cadence
      1. Tensilica DSP
      2. Xtensa Neural Network Compiler
      3. OpenCV and OpenVX Library Support
    8. CEVA
      1. CEVA’s SensPro Sensor Hub
      2. CEVA’s Vision and Imaging Platform
      3. CEVA’s NeuPro Specialised A.I. Chip
      4. CEVA-XM6
    9. Horizon Robotics
      1. High Level Autonomous Driving: Journey 2 SoC and Matrix2 Autonomous Driving Compute Platform
      2. Horizon Launches Matrix2 Autonomous Driving Computing Platform at CES 2020
    10. Huawei
      1. Ascend 910 AI Processor
      2. Ascend 310
    11. Infineon
      1. Infineon AURIX Family
      2. Infineon’s Partnerships for Autonomous Driving Solutions
    12. Imagination Technologies
      1. PowerVR
    13. Intel/Mobileye/Altera
      1. Intel GO
      2. Mobileye
    14. Kalray
    15. MediaTek
    16. MIRISE Technologies
    17. NVIDIA
      1. NVIDIA’s Family of Autonomous Vehicles/ ADAS Processors
      2. NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC
      3. NVIDIA Drive PX Platform
      4. NVIDIA Tegra X1 SoC
      5. NVIDIA Parker SoC
      6. NVIDIA Volta Architecture
      7. NVIDIA Pegasus Platform
      8. NVIDIA Turing Architecture
      9. NVIDIA Xavier SoC
      10. NVIDIA Orin SoC with Ampere Architecture
    18. NXP
      1. S32S24
      2. S32V234
      4. S32G
    19. Qualcomm
      1. Snapdragon Ride Platform
      2. Snapdragon S820A
    20. Renesas
      1. Renesas R-Car H3
      2. Renesas V3M
      3. R-Car V3H
    21. Samsung
      1. Samsung DRVLINE
      2. Exynos Auto ADAS and Autonomous Drive Roadmap
    22. Tesla
      1. Tesla Full Self Driving System on Chip
    23. Texas Instruments
      1. Jacinto 7 / TEA4VM / DRA8V
    24. Toshiba
      1. Toshiba’s Image Recognition SoC for Automotive Applications
      2. Toshiba’s Partnerships and Announcement for its Automotive SoC
    25. Waymo/Alphabet/Google
      1. Tensor Processing Unit
      2. Google TPU Generations
    26. Xilinx
      1. Xilinx Versal
      2. Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+
      3. Xilinx Partnerships and Acquisitions
  6. Start-ups
    1. AlphaICs
      1. AlphaICs Real AI Processing (RAP) Architecture
      2. The RAP Platform Supports all the Major Machine Learning Frameworks
      3. How the RAP Architecture is used for Autonomous Systems
      4. AlphaICs Funding, Partnerships and Announcements
    2. Blaize
      1. Blaize AI Solutions for Automotive and Mobility
      2. Blaize Graph Streaming Processor Architecture
      3. Blaize’s Partnerships, Funding and Announcements
    3. Gyrfalcon
      1. Gyrfalcon’s Matrix Architecture
      2. Gyrfalcon’s Efficiency and Performance Comparison
    4. NovuMind
      1. NovuMind’s Family of Tensors and Platforms for AI
    5. SiMa ai
      1. Sima ai’s Applications for AI
    6. Mythic
      1. Mythic’s Partnerships, Funding and Announcements
    7. Vathys
      1. Vathys Deep Learning Unit (DPU) and Production Timelines
      2. Vathys Funding, Partnerships and Announcements
    8. Videantis
      1. Videantis Products for Automotive Solutions
      2. Videantis Announcements, Partnerships and Funding
  7. Conclusions
  8. How Can We Help You?

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