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Autonomous Vehicles

China Autonomous Vehicle Market Overview: The Emergence of a New Ecosystem

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Report Summary:

This report demonstrates the uniqueness of China Autonomous Vehicle market by providing deep understandings of its regulations, technology landscape, ecosystem challenges and mind-sets of leading domestic OEMs regarding autonomous vehicles. The viewpoints within this report cover the aspects of both ADAS (Level 2 and below) and highly automated vehicles (Level 4 and above).

Table of Contents

1.           Executive Summary       

2.           Regulations Overview   

     2.1         Regulatory Bodies         

     2.2         Different Policy Types   

     2.3         Notable AV Related Regulations             

     2.4         AV Tests and Trial Zone Overview          

3.           Technology Landscape 

     3.1         ADAS (L2 and Below)    

          3.1.1     Environmental Sensing 

          3.1.2     ADAS Domain Controller            

          3.1.3     Driver Monitoring System          

          3.1.4     ADAS Beyond L2            

     3.2         High Automation (L4 and Above)            

4.           Ecosystem Challenges  

     4.1         ADAS (L2 and Below)    

          4.1.1     Tier 1s 

          4.1.2     Tier 2s 

     4.2         High Automation (L4 and Above)            

          4.2.1     OEMs   

          4.2.2     Tier 1 Suppliers

          4.2.3     Internet Companies      

          4.2.4     Incremental Suppliers  

          4.2.5     Startups             

5.           OEM Mindsets 

     5.1         Pioneers            

     5.2         Early Adopters 

     5.3         Market Followers          

6.           How Can We Help You?              

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