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CES Asia 2019 - Connection Is Transforming the Driving Experience

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Report Summary:

CES Asia hosts more vehicle manufacturers than any other tech show in Asia. 2019 marked the fifth year of this Shanghai-based show and it had the largest vehicle technology show floor space to date. This report covers both Infotainment/Telematics and Autonomous Vehicle related highlights from CES Asia 2019.  It focuses on the key themes and vendors identified by Strategy Analytics at the event.
Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
    1. Connectivity
    2. Safety
  2. OEMs
    1. Audi
      1. Next Generation Audi Connect
      2. Holoride
    2. Honda
      1. Honda CONNECT
      2. Honda Xcelerator China
    3. Mercedes-Benz
      1. Movie Ticket Purchasing with Mor.AI Speech Recognition
      2. Smart Home Control with Xiaomi
  3. Internet Company/Tier 1s
    1. Baidu
      1. DuerOS for Apollo
      2. IoV Information Security Evaluation and Testing Technical Specifications
    2. Continental
      1. Intelligent Intersection V2X Demo
    3. Desay SV
      1. IPU03 Smart Driving Domain Control Unit
      2. Automatic Parking Assistant (APA)
      3. Driver Monitoring System
      4. Navinfo Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement
  4. Start-ups
    1. CalmCar
      1. NVIDIA Xavier Drive-based
      2. XlLINX FPGA-based
      3. NXP S32V-based
      4. Ambarella S5L-based
    2. Maxieye
      1. Camera Solutions for Passenger & Commercial Vehicles
      2. DLP Headlamp Solution
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