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Autonomous Vehicle Market Scenarios

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Report Summary:

This Excel file presents three Strategy Analytics scenarios for the Autonomous Vehicles Market out to 2050.  The "Standard" scenario assumes evolutionary development from mainstream OEMs is the main driver.  The "Delayed" scenario assumes that the roll-out of fully autonomous driving takes longer than widely expected.  The "Accelerated" scenario assumes the market to be kick-started by small, urban vehicles, with a consequent long-term change in buying patterns and overall demand.  The associated sensor demand (RADAR, LIDAR, camera etc.) for each scenario is also explored.
Table of Contents

  1. Summary - Level 4 Vehicles
  2. Summary - Sensors
  3. Autonomous Volumes - FLAT
  4. Autonomous Volumes - PIVOT
  5. Sensor Volumes - FLAT
  6. Sensor Volumes - PIVOT
  7. Vehicle Production - FLAT
  8. Vehicle Production - PIVOT
  9. Scenario Assumptions
  10. Definitions

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