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Author: Ian Riches
Publication Date: Jun 07 2019
Pages: 79
Report Type: Data Table, Excel
Autonomous Vehicles

ADAS Demand Forecast 2017 to 2026 - Excel Data

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Report Summary:

The global market for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is forecast to grow at a compound average annual growth rate of 16% over the period 2018 to 2023, making it one of the fastest growth areas for automotive electronics.  Individual application, such as driver monitors and central ADAS controllers will see even faster growth. 

This ADAS Market Forecast details the growth of OE-fitted Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and their associated sensors within passenger and light-commercial vehicles.  It highlights the key growth regions, vehicle types, applications and sensors.

This download contains all of the forecast data contained in the annual write-up of the ADAS market in Excel format. 

Table of Contents

  1. Index Page
  2. Exhibit 1-1: Total ADAS System-Level Demand by Region ($B)
  3. Exhibit 5-1: Light Vehicle Production Trends (k Units)
  4. Exhibit 5-2: Comparison of Q1 2018 and Q1 2019 LMC Automotive Production Forecasts (kU)
  5. Exhibit 5-3: Ranking of the Top Twenty Vehicle Producing Countries 2017 to 2026
  6. Exhibit 5-4: ROW Vehicle Production (k Units)
  7. Exhibit 6-1: Total ADAS System-Level Demand by Region ($B)
  8. Exhibit 6-2: Total ADAS ECU-Level Demand by Region ($B)
  9. Exhibit 6-3: Total ADAS System-Level Demand by Location of Brand Owner ($B)
  10. Exhibit 6-5: Total ADAS Unit Demand (k Units)
  11. Exhibit 6-6: Total ADAS System Dollar Demand (M$)
  12. Exhibit 6-7: Total ADAS ECU Dollar Demand (M$)
  13. Exhibit 6-8: Total ADAS System Average Selling Prices ($)
  14. Exhibit 6-9: Total ADAS ECU Average Selling Prices ($)
  15. Exhibit 6-10: Total ADAS Penetration Rates (%)
  16. Exhibit 7-1: Total ADAS Sensor-Level Demand by Region ($B)
  17. Exhibit 7-3: Total ADAS Sensor Unit Demand (k Units)
  18. Exhibit 7-4: Total ADAS Sensor Dollar Demand (M$)
  19. Exhibit 7-5: Total ADAS Sensor Average Selling Prices ($)
  20. Exhibit 7-6: Total ADAS Sensor Average Fitment Rates Per Vehicle (Units)
  21. Exhibit 8-2: Total ADAS System-Level Demand ($M) by Vehicle Type
  22. Exhibit 8-3: Total ADAS System-Level Demand ($) per Vehicle by Market Segment
  23. Exhibit 9-2: Total ADAS System-Level Demand ($M) by Market Positioning
  24. Exhibit 9-3: Total ADAS System-Level Demand ($) per Vehicle by Market Positioning
  25. Exhibit 9-4: 2018 ADAS System-Level Demand by Market Positioning and Segment
  26. Exhibit 9-5: 2026 ADAS System-Level Demand by Market Positioning and Segment
  27. Exhibit 10-2: World System Demand ($B) by Vehicle OEM
  28. Exhibit 11-1: Global Adaptive Front Lighting Dollar Demand and Penetration
  29. Exhibit 11-2: Global Blindspot Dollar Demand and Penetration
  30. Exhibit 11-3: Global Blindspot Sensor Volumes (MU)
  31. Exhibit 11-4: Global Camera Mirror Replacement Dollar Demand and Penetration
  32. Exhibit 11-5: Global Camera Mirror Replacement Sensor Volumes (MU)
  33. Exhibit 11-6: Global Central ADAS Processor Dollar Demand and Penetration
  34. Exhibit 11-7: Global Distance Warning Dollar Demand and Penetration
  35. Exhibit 11-8: Global Distance Warning Sensor Volumes (MU)
  36. Exhibit 11-9: Global Drowsiness / Driver Monitoring Dollar Demand and Penetration
  37. Exhibit 11-10: Global Drowsiness / Driver Monitoring Unit Demand and Penetration
  38. Exhibit 11-11: Global E-Call Dollar Demand and Penetration
  39. Exhibit 11-12: Global Front Corner Alert Dollar Demand and Penetration
  40. Exhibit 11-13: Global HUD Dollar Demand and Penetration
  41. Exhibit 11-14: Global HUD Volumes (MU) – Combiner vs. Projector
  42. Exhibit 11-15: Global LDWS Dollar Demand and Penetration
  43. Exhibit 11-16: Global Night Vision Dollar Demand and Penetration
  44. Exhibit 11-17: Global Night Vision Sensor Volumes (MU)
  45. Exhibit 11-18: Global Parking (Ultrasonic Only) Dollar Demand and Penetration
  46. Exhibit 11-19: Global Parking (Ultrasonic Only) Sensor Volumes (MU)
  47. Exhibit 11-20: Global Parking (With Camera) Dollar Demand and Penetration
  48. Exhibit 11-21: Global Parking (With Camera) Sensor Volumes (MU)
  49. Exhibit 11-22: Global Parking (Surround View) Dollar Demand and Penetration
  50. Exhibit 11-23: Global Parking (Surround View) Sensor Volumes (MU)
  51. Exhibit 11-24: Global V2V / V2X Dollar Demand and Penetration
  52. Exhibit 12-1: Regional Sensor Demand Comparison 2018 ($B)
  53. Exhibit 12-2: Regional Sensor Demand Comparison 2026 ($B)
  54. Exhibit 12-3: Global Camera Demand by Application (MU and B$)
  55. Exhibit 12-4: Global Camera Demand by Region (MU)
  56. Exhibit 12-5: Global Camera Demand by Segment (MU)
  57. Exhibit 12-6: Global Camera Demand by Camera Type (MU)
  58. Exhibit 12-7: Global LiDAR Demand by Sensor Type (MU and B$)
  59. Exhibit 12-10: Global LiDAR Demand by Region (MU)
  60. Exhibit 12-11: Global LiDAR Demand by Segment (MU)
  61. Exhibit 12-12: Global RADAR Demand by Application and Sensor Type (MU and B$)
  62. Exhibit 12-13: Global RADAR Demand by Region (MU)
  63. Exhibit 12-14: Global RADAR Demand by Segment (MU)
  64. Exhibit 12-15: Global Ultrasonic Demand by Application (MU and B$)
  65. Exhibit 12-16: Global Ultrasonic Demand by Region (MU)
  66. Exhibit 12-17: Global Ultrasonic Demand by Segment (MU)
  67. Exhibit 13-1: Total Vehicle Production by Region (k Units)
  68. Exhibit 13-2: Total Vehicle Production by Segment (k Units)
  69. Exhibit 13-3: Total Vehicle Production by Sector (k Units)
  70. Exhibit 13-4: NAFTA Production by Segment (k Units)
  71. Exhibit 13-5: Japanese Production by Segment (k Units)
  72. Exhibit 13-6: European Production by Segment (k Units)
  73. Exhibit 13-7: South Korean Production by Segment (k Units)
  74. Exhibit 13-8: Brazilian Production by Segment (k Units)
  75. Exhibit 13-9: Russian Production by Segment (k Units)
  76. Exhibit 13-10: Indian Production by Segment (k Units)
  77. Exhibit 13-11: Chinese Production by Segment (k Units)
  78. Exhibit 13-12: Thai Production by Segment (k Units)
  79. Exhibit 13-13: ROW Production by Segment (k Units)

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